Tabernacle Ministries

A Local Church Ministry

Dr. W. Melvin Aiken

Dr. Doug Howard
International Director

Believing that God has led, and that the Lord works through the local church to carry out His purpose for world evangelization, Tabernacle Baptist Church has established TBMI. This is a board under the authority and control of this local church with officers who are members of this assembly. The sole authority for this ministry is Tabernacle Baptist Church. We desire to serve missionaries from other independent fundamental Baptist churches in fulfilling the call God has given them. TBMI is our agency for the local churches.

In 1952, Tabernacle Baptist Church started a faith outreach ministry and called it "Tabernacle Baptist Missions (TBM)." This ministry was in operation on a low key until the early 80's. Then, in 1993 the name of the mission agency was changed to "Tabernacle Baptist Missions International."