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WTBI Online Help Section

This purpose of this page is to aid you if you are having trouble getting WTBI to play on your computer. Please follow the instructions below for help.

If you click the link, but nothing happens:

Check to see if your browser has a pop-up blocker enabled. If so, temporarily disable it, or you could permanently disable it for and If that doesn't solve your issue, make sure you have downloaded the proper program to play the webcast you wish to listen to. Ideally, just use a great browser like Chrome and you don't have to worry about any of those issues.

Q: What is Ogg Vorbis and how can I play it?
A: Many website visitors may not be familiar with Ogg Vorbis and if you wish, you can read more here. Most website visitors will need to download a program or simply use another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) to play the Ogg Vorbis webcast. If you're not open to changing your browser and using either Chrome or Firefox, we recomend using the VLC player application which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Two other less-recommended clients are WinAmp (for Windows visitors) and MPlayer for Mac and Linux visitors. Additionally, you may be able to download special files for your current favorite audio player (such as Windows Media Player or iTunes) that will enable you to listen to Ogg Vorbis audio in your current player.
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Q: Do you recommend the Windows Media/iTunes webcast or the high-quality Ogg Vorbis webcast?
A: We definitely recommend listening to WTBI in the high-quality Ogg Vorbis webcast.

Q: Can I listen to WTBI on my mobile phone, tablet, or iPod Touch with an unlimited data plan?
A: Yes, read more here.

Q: What happened to the WTBI webcast in RealPlayer format?
A: As technologies change with time, we continually evaluate the best streaming methods and capabilities. We ultimately decided that due to the differences between the software licensing model and licensing complexities between RealMedia and the Ogg Vorbis format as well as the audio quality capabilities, that the Ogg Vorbis format was a better choice to replace RealMedia as a webcasting format for WTBI. Our Windows Media webcast continues to be available and we have no plans at the moment to change that.

Please let us know of any other problems by sending an email through our feedback form. This is the fastest way to let us know of problems and will offer you, the listener, the quickest response and resolution. Any common problems that you submit will be added to this page in order to aid future listeners with similar problems. Thank you for your support.

The Tabernacle Ministries Web Staff